About Appletush

Some of you might be wondering just where “Appletush” comes from.  Well, after college I boldly moved out to New York from my home in California to brave what else but the Theatre.  Did I make it? No.  But I am no less happy having moved back to LA and to my family.  Now back to the point….While in the Big Apple, my roommate sent me a chain email that described some kind of name game.   What it was exactly I can’t recall, however, it had something to do with a list of words and the letters of my name.  To my satisfaction and humor my fictitious chain-mail name was Ms. Buttercup Appletush.  Since then I’ve found it so endearing that after all this time I’ve finally found a use for it – my blog!  It fits for several reasons 1- I received the name while living in the Big Apple, 2- it somehow reminds me of my mother (and you can be sure she will be discussed in this journey along with the rest of my family and the love of my life) and 3- I love Fuji apples!

If you have read this far, I think it only fair to tell you what this blog is actually about.  Basically I’m starting my own personal journey and have made it public in hopes that … well, with hope.  What is my journey? To discover the person I am meant to be- mentally, spiritually, physically and in relation and with regard to the changing world.

So ladies and gentlemen, please feel free to comment, encourage, share and pontificate.  I ask only that you respect that these are my thoughts and opinions and to judge them would belie my intentions.

I bid you enjoy the Wise Words of Ms. B Appletush


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