Inspiration Motivation

It always amazes me where inspiration can come from. You can see something simple like a cloud and suddenly get struck with a brilliant idea or revelation or even just motivation to do something you’ve been too lazy to do! That happened to me today. I read someone’s blog (kiss my quill) and suddenly realized I had all the tools to accomplish my weight loss goals, I just need to use them! When I started this blog several years ago that was my goal.

My biggest problem is laziness. I work from home and the motivation to leave my comfy couch and change out of my PJs sounds so un-appealing. Who would want to do that? Yes, I have several workout DVDs I could do at home, but there is really just a serious lack of motivation. Strange right? I mean, gaining 30 lbs in less than a year should be a huge motivating factor for me in itself. On the flip side, when I am at the office and it takes me an hour to get home in heavy traffic at the end of a long day, the last thing I want to do it go to the gym. I want to get back into my comfy clothes and zone out as quickly as possible. I’m hoping that getting an office NEXT to a gym will help with motivation – especially since traffic has the potential to be even worse leaving that area. I can just pop in for an hour and let traffic die down. Oh LA, how you challenge us!

But I’ve been inspired to try again. To make better choices and get my increasingly large bottom off the couch and onto the motivation train! I’ve realized that I need a better (not bigger, but better) overarching goal than to just lose weight. I want to feel strong. I love that Herculean feeling. It makes you stand a little taller, walk a little faster and overall feel on top of the world.

My Sister and I used to take bar classes at Pure Barre. They are awesome! The hardest part is actually getting over your insecurities of being the biggest girl in the room and just focus and push yourself. Get those legs a ‘shakin! I sometimes hated going, because I’m a big baby and hate “have tos”. But even when I wanted to scream and leave and never work out again, I left there feeling so strong — and sweaty, you sweat A LOT. Under all the skin and fat I could feel my muscles growing and tightening – like a new person was being built from the inside out. So incredible. Unfortunately those classes are very expensive and after the few discounted months I had paid for, I had to stop. But I’m getting ready to try again – maybe not the bar classes but boxing or kickboxing or good ol’ fashion running.

Of course I’ll be creating some fun Filofax inserts for tracking food, water intake and exercise. And I will be happy to share them when they are completed.

Thank you KMQ for your inspiration – I wish you the best of luck on your journey! I’ll see you at the finish line!

What inspires you to get moving?


3 thoughts on “Inspiration Motivation

  1. Do you know why I started my blog? I wanted to inspire people. I cannot believe I actually did that. You know what I have a great idea why don’t we be each others motivation buddies? I know you have your sister, but I could really use someone on my side right now. Plus I need some help setting up my Filofax to help with my weight loss.

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