End of a Year

It’s Christmas and I’m doing what I guess will be my c-morning ritual – watching A Christmas Story and drinking my coffee. We don’t celebrate this holiday so I’m ok that my morning is my own. I checked Facebook and see all the well wishes of my friends and their kids sprawled among gifts and trees and can’t help but feel a twinge of envy at all the new families. Hubs and I are still newly weds – married earlier this year. We each have a cousin that got married this year as well, and now both are expecting boys early next year. I’m happy for them – truly; as I’m happy for all my pregnant or recently parented friends…

I have to get off Facebook.

Anyway…. It’s the end of another year. We had a beautiful wedding, surrounded by friends and an ever growing family, we have been blessed with a moderate level of success and are living comfortably. We can pay our bills, save some money for the future and still have money to go out to a nice dinner or buy a new Filofax. You see where I’m going with this? My new obsession is ever growing. In one month my collection has grown three-fold! My latest purchase you ask? Fluro Orange Personal Size Original. I do love fluorescent colors!


It’s beautiful. But what to do with it. I’m still moving into my A5 – I think it is progressing nicely. Look at the awesome divider/folders I made last night:

IMG_20131225_115901201 IMG_20131225_115846392

IMG_20131225_115839118 Pink Folder

I used old notebook folders, cut them down to size and punched holes. Done and done! I also used some of the scraps to make folders for my personal Domino. I’ve decided to dive in to this large Filofax community by joining in on a photo challenge from Yay, For Fridays. (I hope it’s ok to link – I’m still very new to the blogging community and learning the ettiquette.) Basically you take and post a photo on Instagram each day of your Filofax that aligns with that day’s theme. Sounds like fun right? Well I think so too!

Ok enough babbling – Merry Christmas!

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