I try not to make too many assumptions – about people, about situations. But I admit I do make them all too often – just not out loud or to someone’s face. Assumptions just get you into trouble. That’s why when other people make assumptions, especially when it is a negative assumption, it makes me furious. For example, some one knows you went to a buffet – and they jump the conclusion (or make the assumption) you’ve stuffed yourself full. That to me implies I have no self control; and that they can only project their own actions on other people. Perhaps every time you go to a buffet your stuff yourself – I try to avoid that.  Or perhaps you are using it as a device to complain about your weight or something to that effect. Either way, makes me crazy. Or like when you are making a point in a conversation, granted not one of your finer points but still, and someone jumps in with an assumption completely out of left field!

OK – I admit that I can definitely take things too personally – way too personally. But still, it makes me upset especially when it is someone you want to get along with. I don’t like to be only part of myself with people – that’s what I feel like I’m doing – maybe I don’t have to, I don’t know. I do know we sometimes have to contain at least part of ourselves, but it makes me uneasy that my true feelings show on my face. I guess I’m just not that good at covering my reactions. I’ve always been able to be completely open with my family – no matter how harsh. Yes sometimes it can be too harsh or can take a while to actually say, but it does get said… eventually. We don’t avoid fights necessarily, nor do we dive into them, but we find a way to work through it or brush it aside again. Maybe I’ve just never had to relate to someone that side-lines me that I can’t react to or recover from quickly enough.

I guess we’ll just have to see – I love the person nonetheless and that is all that matters. 

Well, thanks for listening. Assuming anyone is reading this blog 😉


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