Food Porn

You have goals.  You want to reach your goals.  But it is inevitable that you will get sidetracked.  Happens to me all the time.  In fact, it just happened.  I was writing this post and a thought came into my head.  In all honesty I don’t even remember the thought.  Nonetheless I was sidetracked.  Case in point (case and point??) – I wrote my first post in July (its October) with a goal in mind to consistantly journal my journey.

Yeah, sidetracked.

In approximately 6 months from now I will celebrate my 30th birthday.  To start off my 3rd decade I have made a goal for myself – 30 by 30.  I will lose 30 lbs by my birthday.  How you ask?  Well, eating better for one, exercising more- the usual.  Since I do not have the funds to join a gym, and from past experience I wouldn’t go anyway, I have chosen a few work out DVDs and have enlisted the help of a co-worker.   She will be my drill sergeant.  We are going to attend one class per week (to start).  As I mentioned we are low on funds so only “free” or “by donation” classes will be attended.  The rest of the time it’s up to me to focus on my goal!  Which brings me back to my topic – sidetracked.

When did I decide this goal? About a month ago.  I’m allowing myself to be sidetracked by TV, dinner with friends, laziness and deliciously tasty food.  Oh how I love food!  I’m a grazer and a huge snack-er.  Work is the worst.  Working for a start up there is some downtime.  Not a lot, but enough to allow distraction to lead me to the closest cupboard.  Fruit is good.  Veggies are better.  But donut Fridays? Oy.  The box strategically placed so the smell wafts past your nose as you enter the office.  Now, I could avoid looking altogether, but what if… what if that one donut – with the white frosting and pastel jimmies- is sitting untouched in the box.  I’ve been good!  Taking only one bite (and effectively ruining the donut for anyone else).  But how much is that one bite in the Weight Watchers bible? 3 points! That’s a lot of points when all you are allowed is 24 per day and I haven’t even gotten to lunch!  I digress.  It’s really not that I’m obsessed with food or eating, its that I love cooking.  I love how good food looks – like a bouquet of freshly picked flowers. Maybe I should be a chef…

So 30 by 30.  That’s my short term goal.  It will broken down into more manageable goals (2 lbs a week, etc.) but still – 30 by 30. Oh and to keep posting.


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